You can find the Court’s decisions on all cases here. Please check the Dockets tab if you’d like more detailed information on each case. Click on each link to view a PDF of that decision.

Reeves v. Coleman
99-002-Opinion of Court

Chapman et. al v. Kleinschmidt
00-01-Opinion of Court

CAA v. Congress
06-003-Opinion of Court

Wohlford v. Morgan
08-001-Order Granting Motion to Dismiss

Wohlford v. Morgan
08-002-Opinion of Court

Klein v. Morgan
08-003-Opinion of Court

Nichols v. Raynor and Morgan
08-004-Opinion of Court

Bilbao v. Morgan
08-005-Order Granting Motion to Dismiss

Bilbao v. Morgan
08-006-Opinion of Court

Project Dinah v. Congress
08-007-Opinion of Court

Danforth v. Jones and Gillooly
09-001-Order Granting Request to Dismiss-Plaintiff

Dexter and Lee v. Levin-Manning
09-002-Order Granting Motion to Dismiss

Manning v. Gillooly
09-003-Withdrawal of Complaint-Plaintiff

Keune v. Gillooly and Fluet
09-004-Order Granting Motion to Dismiss

Holgate and Seelinger v. Gillooly
09-007-Order Granting Motion to Dismiss

Holgate v. Gillooly
09-008-Opinion of Court

Ingram v. Phillips
10-001-Order Granting Motion to Dismiss

Horowitz et. al v. Phillips and Medlin
10-002-Order-Grant-Withdrawal of Complaint-Phillips

Santoro v. Phillips
10-003-Order Granting Motion to Dismiss

Brady v. Leimenstoll and Myrick
12-001-Order-Granting Withdrawal of Complaint

Anastas-King et. al v. Comparato
12-002-Order Granting Motion to Dismiss-Plaintiff

Brady v. Jacon
13-001-Order Granting Motion to Dismiss