Legal Writing Help

Legal writing is a learned skill– even the best writers may find it challenging. It requires pristine logical analysis, clarity, appropriate tone, and proper citation to relevant authorities.

While expertise in legal writing is not a prerequisite for serving as counsel or bringing a case before the Student Supreme Court, good legal writing is indespensible in advancing one’s case. Parties are encouraged to review the dockets of previous cases to get a feel for what legal writing looks like– particularly the opinions written by the Court–, and they are also encouraged to take advantage of the templates provided on the Court’s website.

Additional resources that may assist those unfamiliar with legal writing yet needing to draft documents for submission to the Court are:

UNC School of Law’s Legal Writing Center

Legal Research and Writing: A Practical Guide and Self-Instructional Workbook and Reading Like a Lawyer, written by Ruth A. McKinney– available in Student Stores

Plain English for Lawyers, written by Richard Wydick— available in Student Stores

The Bluebook— an indespensible guide for proper legal citation

The above books may also be available for review in the UNC School of Law’s library or the Legal Writing Center.