Position for Justices on the Student Supreme Court, as well as that of Student Solicitor General, are allocated during the Fall and/or Spring External Appointments process. Justices and the Student Solicitor General are nominated by the Student Body President and confirmed by Student Congress. Additionally, the positions of Clerk, Student Marshal, and Chief Legal Officer are appointed by the Chief Justice (traditionally with counsel from the Associate Justices) every year. Justices are appointed as the positions become available (i.e., as previous Justices graduate or leave their positions). An individual’s tenure as Justice lasts until they cease to be a student at UNC, though it is unaffected by a direct transition from being an undergraduate to being a graduate student at UNC, or by transition between graduate programs. The Student Solicitor General is an annual appointment. The Clerk, Marshal, and Chief Legal Officer are also annual appointments, though it is typical for them to keep their positions until they graduate.

Additionally, the Chief Justice, or a delegate Associate Justice, chairs the process of vetting Executive Branch Officers for the incoming Student Body President. The strict rules of this process is outlined in the Student Code (congress.unc.edu), though an informal guide for this process can be found here.